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The Martian

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The Martian boldly narrates the cliché tale of a survivor. With only science fiction as its armor, it courageously delivers science into the center stage without the fear of losing its plebeian audience. The movie tries hard not to fall into the hype built by its predecessors, Gravity and Interstellar – the two choosing to be emotionally and philosophically grounded. Rather, it faces the reality that science can be tedious, boring, and disappointing. In the end, it got its reward as viewers take notice on how hard facts and technicalities can be entertaining as well.

It is laudable for its consistency. From beginning to end, the film continued to narrate its story with nothing but science. Although humor is injected in few instances, the story was not compromised. The storyline was patient in bringing a stereotypically difficult field to the common crowd. In the end, astronaut Mark Watney finds his home through relying greatly on the power of science. It is not that this movie plays above its predecessor. It is only that it is commendable for choosing the difficult path of delivering science to the common crowd.


The Big Short


The story focuses on the lives of five American men who benefited from the 2008 US housing market collapse. They bet against the market as they predicted its downfall. While thousands of families lost homes and livelihood, they earned millions of dollars. The movie looks into the personal perspective of these five businessmen and their intention to gain while others lose.

The Big Short is a self-aware movie that lectures audience on the US financial history using sex and pop culture. It patiently teaches complex topics of economics, stock market, and bank fraudulence to an unfamiliar and uninterested crowd. With an intention to redefine the boring nature of historical films, the movie is best appreciated for injecting comedy in a story that can be alienating.

There are several valuable lessons found inside this film and they are all relevant and important. The Big Short will be best remembered as one movie that successfully joined together seriousness and comedy.




Made prisoner in a dingy small room, Joy (played by Brie Larson) was continuously abused and later on impregnated by her captive. The presence of her son (played by Jacob Tremblay) helped her survive the physical and mental challenges inflicted upon her. Together, they created a escape plan. But more than the difficulty to get out of the room is the struggle to enter the bigger real world already unknown to them. Room describes the sickeningly sweet smell of freedom when one has never tasted any. It narrates the difficult transition of leaving a suffocating space and finding an overwhelmingly big one.

Room speaks ill of the darkness of human capacity. It warns the viewers on how sweet and beautiful creatures can be ruined by monsters dressed as people. With only metaphors and imagery, the film successfully tells the unspeakable. It does not need sex, blood, or violence to narrate a story that is too hurtful to watch. With an outstanding cast, it pierces the audience into the soul and leaves a cinema experience they would never forget.

This film takes pride in speaking about the unspeakable. It sensitively brings the taboo topics of rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence into the cinema without unfairly condemning the abused ones and their families. With this feat, Room earns a wide spot in the moviegoers’ hearts.




Eilis Lacey (played by Saoirse Ronan) was born in a time when her community is small enough for girls with big dreams. With the help of a priest, she went to America for a greener pasture. The initial months where difficult but when she met a handsome Italian man (played by Emory Cohen), she began to love the city and considered it as her new home. All was fine until she goes back to Ireland to see her mother. To her surprise, she was offered with opportunities that are difficult to reject. Eilish was torn apart between staying in her comfort zone and going back to chase her American dream.

Brooklyn inspires women, immigrants, or any adventurer who believes that something can be done to change the paradigm. The story’s heroin represents all those who do not stop dreaming and continues to work for their better future despite negativities. Opting to stay in the safe zone would lead no one to greater heights. Hence, loving and living is a choice.