Cinetactic is a marriage between two different concepts: cinema and syntactic.

This blog pays tribute to the influence of cine to human civilization. Lives have been altered. Ideologies have been fueled. Perspectives have been widened. All are but few of cinema’s countless contributions.

Syntactic, on the other hand, is deeply rooted on linguistics. Films, like languages, are to be evaluated to generate deeper meaning. Audience can deconstruct and criticize movie pieces for a better understanding. In so doing, superficial notes are scratched leaving messages that are intended for intellectual audience.

Cinema is a way of life. It is a medium that goes beyond production and presentation. Yet, the beauty of cinema cannot be fully realized without examining it. A closer look into details can showcase views that can make or break societies.

Join us as we critique, analyze, and deconstruct films and other cine pieces. Let’s get the film rolling!


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  1. Great selection of films so far. Keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks for stopping by to like The Pyramid review. You’ve got quite a varied selection of Filipino and American films. Keep on viewing!


  3. Hi! I nominated you for The Liebster Award as a blogger I was happy to discover. Please see my recent post if you want to accept the award.


  4. Salamat! We need good reviews of films these days. Sure to learn a lot from you.


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  5. I really like your blog. I’m always on the look out for good films, particularly good foreign/Filipino movies, so I added some of your recommendations to my watchlist.

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  6. Hi guys! Hi! I have nominated you for The Liebster Award :D, because your blog is awesome. Check it out here:

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  7. Don’t know if it’s your sort of think or not, but I’m nominated you for the Liebster Award, as I really love your posts. The link is here

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  8. thank you for liking our latest blogisode


  9. thank you for the follow

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  10. Hello. I nominated you for a Liebster Award. (Congrats). If interested, you can find details about it here (

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  11. Hi! I decided to nominate you for the Liebster Awards because I think your blog is pretty epic. So if you want to participate in answering some fun film related questions and spreading some love then you can go to my post:

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