Call for Contributors

Cinetactic envisions two goals. First, to use the Filipino perspective in understanding local and international movies. And second, to bring Filipino films into the center of cinephile discussion. We hope to create a database of film reviews that contains more than summaries and retold plots.

Our site will be an avenue of shared thoughts about the film and the process of filmmaking. We will be treating movies like texts and we shall go beyond what light reading of such texts would offer.

While popular film websites in the country become mouthpieces of publicists, we would take the less-traveled path and create worth-reading original content. We will veer away from copied press releases and compromised critics.

Today, we work hard in producing daily content of the page, but we also know that we can only do so much. Hence, it is our dream to be joined by individuals who share the same passion for this industry. We invite fellow journalists, poets, social scientists, writers, and film buffs to be with us in achieving these goals. Let us elevate film discourse and film criticism in the Philippines!

We hope to hear from you soon! Send us a message through our email or Facebook like page.

You can also leave a reply below so we can attend to your messages immediately. Thanks!