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by Heinrich Domingo

Ant-Man crawls its way in earning a spot among the Marvel silver screen heroes. Banking on the main character, plus combining comedy and wit, the film won over its highly expectant audience.


Marvel Studios has been producing remarkable characters throughout the years. Each movie hero rightfully stands on his/her throne with a unique identity and specific fanbase. This year’s Ant-man struggles to claim his own place in the rank of established characters. Through the effective usage of visual representation and clean storyline, Marvel has once again captured the approval of the viewing crowd.

The film’s wide reception can be largely attributed to the exuding charisma of Paul Rudd (as Ant-Man). He was able to sufficiently portray the main character’s flawed personality.  An ex-convict who tries to redeem his daughter from an estranged wife can easily charm the audience but Rudd’s portrayal added an extra mile. Being one of the writers for the movie, he is familiar with the character’s complexity. Ant-Man is not just a hero in a suit, he is a father, a man seeking for redemption, a character looking for his own place in the wide Marvel universe.

Adding to Rudd’s charismatic performance are Evangeline Lilly (as Hope van Dyne) and Michael Douglas (as Hank Pym). They were, in the loose sense of the term, unsung heroes, adding drama to the action-filled plot.

Other casts of the film contribute to the coherent sequence of events. The father-daughter relationship, the divorce setting, and Scott Lang’s crew were integral in creating Ant-Man.

Looking at the characters, Marvel fans are hinted on sequels that will come out in the next year. Aside from Evangeline’s apparent transformation as Wasp, there have been several clues on the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War. It is surely an easter egg for Marvel comics enthusiasts.

The easy success of the film can be attributed to the ingenuity of its comics creators. The ant world provided paths to explore for filmmakers. It allowed them to be creative in the hero’s weapon, machineries, and tactics.

As a result of this creative process, the film showed visual revelries. This may be challenging as the production has to showcase the opposite worlds of sizes. Yet, with the director’s (Peyton Reed) guidance, the world of ants became exciting. The viewers left the cinema filled with new perspective.

The film did not content itself in distributing humor and action. It delves into the complex world of quantum science. Despite a surface-level discussion, the production’s efforts are still laudable.

Ant-Man may just be another Marvel hero, but his qualities can juxtapose the already popular ones. With an audience who likes underdogs, Ant-Man may find his exclusive supporters. Maybe not this time, but surely very, very soon.

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