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by Heinrich Domingo

Two best friends find each other in a limbo where one wishes to continue the friendship while the other hopes for romance.


Lisyun qng Geografia chronicles the story of two growing teenage boys who are confronted with social pressure to define their relationship. Yet, in this film, the director wishes to emphasize personal struggle undergone by the characters than to portray the usual issue of gay stigma. He confronts his real-life struggle on falling in love with his best friend as well as the process of moving on. As he claims, this movie shall be his final step towards finding closure.

Set on the backdrop of Kapampangan culture, the movie employs appropriate cinematography vis-à-vis the mood of events. It was consistent in building up the emotions of characters.

In spite of a promising plot, the film had its setbacks. Its progression showed no difference from existing films. Two young boys develop a bond, and then feel confused on their relationship, and eventually separate in the end. Lisyun qng Geografia lives by the public’s clichés on gay and gay relationships.




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