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By Heinrich Domingo

Macbeth brings the audience into a new world filled with stunning landscapes, eerie battlefields, and poetic conversations. Far different from the chaotic depictions of war, it zooms in to a war that happens not in the battleground but inside the character of personas. As a consequence, the viewing experience is one that is naturally dramatic and emotionally overwhelming. Truly, no better treatment could have done in this Shakespeare tragedy masterpiece.


Macbeth (played by Michael Fassbender), a valiant military man is given a prophecy that he will be the future King. In order to fulfill his fate, he and Lady Macbeth (Marion Cotillard) plotted the murder of King Duncan. While Macbeth seats in his throne, he became obsessed in defending his position and threatens to kill anyone who might commit treason against him. He ended up to be an insecure man eventually losing the confidence of his people. The story revolves on courage, greed, and timely fall.

Noticeable in this almost two-hour work is the brilliance of teams behind the cinematography and musical scoring. Although the plot centers on the emotions of characters, beautiful backdrops complement the overpowering feelings of the people. Sorrow, pain, and anguish are depicted in arid lands of Scotland. Also, it treats the audience with the right mix of battle cries and silence. The film understands that not all war is heard, sometimes, the absence of sound is as meaningful as loud wails.

This film is a gift for fans who give utmost appreciation to the works of William Shakespeare. The acting of cast encapsulates the lessons of the novel. Hunger for power, repentance of sins, and momentous defeat are all shown in the big screen. All these are paired with appropriate production and costume designs which give the movie a realistic vibe.

Macbeth is not for action movie fans whose sole purpose of going to cinema is for adrenaline rush. While it has powerful scenes showing the brutality of war, its discussion remains to be about actions and decision leading to violence. It discusses the non-physical aspect of fighting. For moviegoers who appreciate poetry written in frames of cinema, this film shall entertain you.

4 stars