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By Heinrich Domingo

Baka Siguro Yata from beginning to end was testing the waters to seek for effective punch lines. Sometimes it tickles the funny bone but often times become too politically incorrect to be laughed at. The film subtly denounces homosexuality, vilifies abortion, and stands for sexism. With its too long stay in the waters, the film turned out to be too saggy, wet, and unappealing.


This film tells the story of three generations of relationship each experiencing a unique challenge. High school lovers (Katrina Legaspi and Boo Gabunada) plan for their first sex but every time they try, she is unprepared and willing to give her virginity. On the other hand, a financially unprepared graphic designer, (played by Dino Pastrano) gets his high school classmate (Bangs Garcia) pregnant after a one-night stand. Lastly, an annulled couple (Ricky Davao and Cherie Gil) rekindles their love consequently ruining the relationships they are currently in. It is a film convoluted with too many sub-stories leaving the audience with its unclear thesis.

Baka Siguro Yata presents itself as cool for casually integrating sex into its narrative. It prides itself for blatantly speaking about the awkward first-time sex or the seldom discussed sex between old couple. Yet, it delivers a wrong message on issues such as gender, marriage, and women’s choice. It overly romanticizes marriage while celebrating infidelity relationships. It proudly exclaims that lesbian relationships are objects of mockery. And, it wrongly frames abortion despite the unpreparedness of couples. This movie lives by its title for being unsure on what to deliver to the crowd.

It was apparent that the movie found it difficult to follow a consistent screenplay. Lines were sometimes hit and sometimes miss. Since the film uses the language of comedy, it cannot assure a consistent positive response from the audience. Also, the script has a hint of women objectification

Majority of the film’s hit moments came from Dino Pastrano’s performance. He was funny and enjoyable to watch on the big screen. He deserves many other movie projects. With him are veteran actor and actress Ricky Davao and Cherie Gil who also delivered commendable acting.

Baka Siguro Yata is a mediocre cine piece that has a lot of points for improvement. Part of its failure may come from its generic romance and comedy theme. Nothing new is presented to the crowd who each month is offered with rom-com flick from Star Cinema or Viva Films.

3 stars