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Excuse Me, Miss, Miss, Miss tells the tale of a sales lady named Vangie whose ultimate goal is to be regularized. Despite her efforts, it seemed impossible to attain her goal. She then discovers a secret that will surely make her dream come true. 

Excuse Me, Miss, Miss, Miss poster, Cinemalaya 2020

The film’s production is laudable. It was apparent how the filmmakers took time and effort to shoot various scenes. And some of these scenes warrant laughter. It was curious to know how the filmmakers got access to an entire department store. 

The film’s commentary on the problem of Endo and contractualization seemed whole and complete. It has an on-point criticism on the ridiculous demands of employers to grant regular status to their employees.

The premise of the film about a miserable employee dreaming to be regularized has been done before. In recent memory, Cinemalaya’s 2018 best short film Jodilerks, Employee of the Month takes on a similar theme. Despite this, Excuse Me, Miss, Miss, Miss served its purpose by emphasizing this plight once more. Its fictional take on a very real issue made the narrative enjoyable to watch. 

The film has a lot of room for improvement. In particular, the cast, except for Angelina Kanapi,  could have acted better. In many occasions, the awkward acting of the characters was distracting. Their discomfort to act in front of a camera is apparent. Also, in editing, tighter and sharper cuts could have made the storytelling more compelling.  Despite these shortcomings, Excuse Me, Miss, Miss, Miss, remains relevant in our socio-economic conditions. It is a piece of art that brings a political topic while also entertains the viewers. 

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