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By Heinrich Domingo

Mad Max veers away from the mediocre offering of films these days. It serves as a reminder that movies are to be made with utmost artistry, that viewers demand the best, and that beyond seamless cinematography is the importance of story-line.

mad max

Utmost Artistry

Since, 1979 the film has been delivering awe to the public. Livened up by the director’s (George T. Miller) ingenuity, the production staff innovates often aiming towards perfection. Each movie sequel presents new and fresh visuality. It was made sure that every camera shot was coherent with the scene and that even the sound effects rightfully coincide with the emotion on the screen.

In this year’s story Fury Road, we follow the journey of the main character Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) and his unending road chase featuring dirt, blood, and mechanics. After being captured by a savage pack, he finds himself on a desert fortress named Citadel ruled by Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne). It is a land full of fanatics known as war boys who glorify Joe as they await their ascension to Valhalla.

As Max tries to escape from his captors, he finds an alliance with a warrior turned traitor Furiosa (Charlize Theron). Together, they try to save Joe’s ‘breeders’ from him while pursuing their personal motives. For Furiosa, it is to find redemption in her former home the Green place, while for Max, it is to gain freedom once again.


Seamless Cinematography

We believe that viewers need not bother themselves with the processes of film-making because the makers are to create while we are to appreciate. Yet, in Mad Max, the case is different. Giving credit to the cinematographers is a must. The audiences are given an artwork that must be both admired and unraveled. In this kind of film, there is so much to see and understand.

As the story revolves in a road chase of cars of all sorts, camera angle has to fit and the production design must coincide with the scenes. The key is to weave fictional stories and present them as one unifying grand story. And in the creation of Mad Max, all were made believable.



Gasoline, water, and viable earth – the film was complete with all the requisites of an apocalyptic film. Yet, the director did not content himself with a workable formula. He brilliantly injects pressing issues such as women empowerment and environmental degradation. As a result, the audience is given an intellectual and visual feast.

The story is complicated with the danger of boring minds that might be too feeble to understand the interweaving concepts of fanaticism, feminism, and environmentalism. The sequence of events inside the fury road can be dragging. But as viewers opt to open their eyes and minds in the metaphors the journey could be both entertaining and satisfying.

5 stars

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