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by Heinrich Domingo

When an idea sells, use it, market it, make profit from it until it withers, until it dies, and until people forget why it even sells in the first place.

The world is anticipating. Jurassic World is expected to offer a big comeback from its saleable franchise. Looking at its box office hits (Jurassic Box Office), its makers can now claim victory. They have once again ruled the market using sheer visual effects.

Call us idealist but we continue to lament the flop of Jurassic World.

Undeniably, production houses have to earn money to keep rolling. But to choose hits over content is idiocy at the very least. It is a slap on the face for all who believes in the power of cinema as well as a loss of faith to those who once believed in the ingenuity of Jurassic Park creators.

First, casting good-looking actors and actresses does not guarantee good acting. Do I need to begin with Claire Dearing’s (Bryce Dallas Howard) stilettos or the brothers Gray (Ty Simpkins) and Zach’s (Nick Robinson) unrealistic screams? The remedy is simple, try to enroll your casts in acting schools.

Second, clichés, clichés, and clichés. Have I mentioned clichés?  A monster is on the loose and a man and a woman try to kill it. They begin with a heated argument but eventually decide to help each other. Gradually, they form a romantic partnership. As they kill the monster, they fall in love. Surely, this formula has delivered profits to hundreds of movies but it does not mean that films today would be comfortable with what is sure. It is the task of the people in the movie industry to think and innovate.

Third, unrelated details. Truly, there is so much to see in a movie. Yet, details such as divorce, reckless assistant, sibling rivalry, and company jealousy were not thoroughly discussed. Thus, resulting in their disparity to the main plot.

Fourth, plot holes. Why would Masrani, the owner of the park, serve as pilot (not even a certified one) on a risky mission? Why would the singular opinion of an animal trainer serve as company’s final decision? Why would a park as big as the Jurassic World exist without enough teams to control animal breakout?

There was so much hope for this film. For viewers who gave hard earned money for a crappy film like this, it is degrading to the world of filmmaking. It is saddening to know that even big production houses such as Amblin Entertainment and Legendary Pictures put high emphasis on profit gain than viewer satisfaction.