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11899834_1772802549613583_3471028817077804006_nLast year was a journey. This blog was able to publish a handful of film reviews. Of course, none of these would be possible without you, friends! For the past months, we have a created a (virtual) bond from our exchange of ideas and insights on film and all the fields inside it.

There, sure, were rough times as we barely sustained our existence on the Internet. But as they say, new year breeds new ways and new life. So this 2016, we are making a vow to produce more relevant and interesting posts for you. Maybe, we can start by strengthening our communication lines outside the blog. Like our facebook page and follow our twitter account for more updates. Both accounts have an audience of less than a hundred hence it would totally help us if you invite other friends to engage with us on these platforms.

If you share our vision in creating a global community of intellectual cine critics, continue visiting our site. Thank you so much!