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By Heinrich Domingo

In the unlikeliest characters of cinema, you will find the strongest of emotion. This gangster-driven film brings to the audience the valuable lessons of loyalty, commitment, and trust. Legend creates a decent biopic and allows Tom Hardy to make the best out of the material. It is an artistic piece that is moving to watch.


In 1950s and 60s, London was terrorized by twin gangster brothers. They were responsible for multiple counts of extortion, fraud, and murder. Aside from their gruesome legacies, they are most remembered by how they protected each other through and through. The film depicts how the duo gained power through underground criminal work as well as their eventual downfall due to police investigation. In the midst of their rise and fall are beautiful stories of love, friendship, and family.

Most notable in the whole film is the brilliant dual roles of Tom Hardy (playing as Ronnie and Reggie Kray). His believable characterization of violent but romantic, psychotic but loyal, and unforgiving but sweet brothers will leave a significant mark in his career. With him is an equally powerful acting of Emily Browning (as Frances Shea). Despite her minimal lines, her portrayal of a timid yet strong-willed housewife complements the roughness of the Kray twins.

Although Legend involves remarkable action scenes, the audience is moved more by the drama in the story of the characters. The lives of Ron and Reggie are not beautiful and they are not to be idolized. Hence, instead of romanticizing crimes, the film showed the cursed life of being on the criminal side. It recognizes the many reasons why some people tend to kill and steal while reminding the viewers that justice should be served to those who break the law.

Watching the movie allows the audience to travel back in time. The production design completes the story as characters are placed comfortably in their niche. Night clubs, casinos, and London streets bring back the forgotten age ruled by gangsters and mafias.

With the cast’ acting prowess partnered with sufficient production design, Legend came out to be more a drama biopic than an action thriller. The cinematic experience it brings delivers the cinemagoers into an enjoyable emotional roller coaster. This asserts the dynamism of cinema. When you least expect it, you will find inspiration from unlikely characters that has no intention of being affective. In the case of this movie, you will be moved by twin gangsters who shows nothing but violence and hatred to people who loved and adored them.

4 stars