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By Heinrich Domingo

A movie creation always calls for celebration. Through cinema, an idea is brought to the public with the potential of delivering life-long changes. Yet, there are also production houses that need to be told to stop producing certain movies. One is Alvin and the Chipmunks film series. For four times, the public has been given tasteless comedy with nothing but pop music renditions to offer. This year, the same garbage is delivered.


When Alvin and his chipmunk brothers discovered that their father Dave (played by Jason Lee) is about to propose to his girlfriend, they planned to stop it. Joined by their would-be stepbrother Miles (played by Josh Green), they travelled to Miami to make sure that all of them would not end up related. The four met several troubles including being chased by an Air Marshall, ruining a flight for letting out caged animals, and performing in a bar to earn money. After being bonded by these mishaps, Miles and the chipmunks had a change of heart and teams up together to salvage the proposal they destroyed.

The novelty of watching cute, high-pitched animals sing and dance has been over. Despite the inclusion of the Chipettes (their female versions), the story did not innovate. The plot is still arranged following the classic formula of a feel good movie – conflict, journey, and resolution. This shows how some characters in cinema can only be extended so far. Alvin and the Chipmunks has reached its endpoint and we can only hope that The Road Chip prequel is going to be the last.

The film series has also lost its ability to excite the audience in its renditions of the past years’ popular music. Hearing Uptown Funk, Conga, and Turn Down for What in chipmunks version seemed ordinary. Smartphone apps which allow easy audio editing can provide the same quality of sound. Hence, going to the cinema to listen to these songs has now lost its appeal.

It is true that film is a medium that allows creativity and is lenient to any idea. But with a story that is obviously stretched for profit’s sake, viewers must not be forgiving. To ensure the end of a rubbish movie series, moviegoers should not patronize. It is only this circumstance that we can celebrate the non-creation of movies.

1.5 stars