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By Heinrich Domingo

Death, life, and hope are central in this short film’s plot. An orphaned boy begs on the street just to buy a coffin for her lifeless sister. This is a narrative with a potential to be made into a full-length film. Yet, this plot is too familiar for the crowd who has seen Magkakabaung. They are both set in Pampanga, both use a Kapampangan language and center on the life of a male living alone in his shabby little home.


Anyang Melagas ya ing Tangke king Sala is meant to be emotionally captivating but flops hard on the floor because of committing too many mistakes. Mainly, it missed the basic requirement of drama films which is to cast empathic main act. While the crowd focuses its vision on the only actor on the screen, it sees nothing but amateur performance. Scenes are all unrealistic even reaching the point of silliness.

Basic cinematography was also a problem. Camera shots were cheaply made and the visual design tells no narrative. Viewers could not help but think that the filmmakers are mistaken that coming up with a good storyline is tantamount to actually making a good film. If stories can stand as is, we could just lower the curtain of the cinema houses and listen to their audio recording. With that, we will not be disappointed.

Directed by: Rey Tamayo Jr.
UP Diliman

1.5 stars