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By Heinrich Domingo

A hardworking construction worker is happy and contented with his life despite his company’s low wage. With other men workers, he stays in the building that they are yet to finish. One day, he meets an accident. Because of his boss’ strict policies, he has to bring himself alone in the hospital. Yet, the hospital doesn’t want to let him in. Guards were citing a policy that does not allow patients to enter their institution wearing slippers.


Ipinanganak na Nakayapak critiques the country’s labor laws and healthcare policies. Through comedy, it subtly comments on how poor people like the protagonist accept policies that infringe their freedom. All the issues discussed were represented by the ‘anti-tsinelas culture’ that many elitist offices have adapted. The outstanding performance of the main act delivered all the elements well.

Although the film was not consistent in breaking the fourth wall, the initial approach to speak directly to the audience provided a personal feel. By the time that the camera pans on the hell-like living conditions of construction workers, the protagonist has won the sympathy of the viewers.

The film was unsure of how to end its narrative. It did not end strongly as it started. Despite this, the short film still delivered its message clearly. Its critic, although punched weakly, can still hit the institutions it critiques.

Directed by: Jerrica Angela A. Manongdo
UP Diliman
Quezon City

3 stars