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By Heinrich Domingo

A man who was just laid off of work was told that he will be a father soon. He is in financial crisis but cannot share his woes with his pregnant partner. This hopelessness brings him to a decision that he might regret forever. He is compelled to confront his weakness and hopes that everything will go fine after.


Tuknang Mu Rin dramatizes the typical problems of Filipinos. Job security, financial capacity, and healthcare are some of the underlying issues discussed in its story. Its use of metaphors is helpful in bringing depth to its plot.

Despite the storyline’s clear intention, the viewers cannot help but feel unsympathetic towards the film. As it began to employ overly dramatic elements such as endless downpour and bothering image of suicide, it still fails to emotionally arouse the crowd. This may come from the film’s inability to properly introduce its characters. Audience cannot help but feel detached from the protagonist because the latter’s story was told superficially and incompletely.

The poor character development ruined the story altogether. Despite the clear sequence of events, the viewers felt the absence of characters.

Directed by: Brianne Carlo Amparado
Holy Angel University

2.5 stars