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By Heinrich Domingo

With no memory of last night’s events, a closeted gay woke up beside a naked woman in an unknown apartment. He went berserk after realizing that he slept with a female. He could not stomach the thought of sleeping with the opposite gender. No one else knows that he is gay. But unknown to him, he was not the only one in the room keeping a secret.


Chicboy’s story does not end in its last frame. It was able to extend gender discourse even after its closing credit. This made its story compelling to watch. The viewers are expected to think even after the narrative is told. In a way, this style contributed to a more effective delivery of message.

The film is light and fun with a subtle commentary on gender identity and eroticism reminiscent of Marco Gatchalian’s The Girlfriend Experience. It is beautiful for being effective in its message with only little time. Yet, this shortness also makes it feel lacking for the audience. We wish that it could have delivered more on its chosen stand.


Directed by: Jasper Ramon Tulabot
CineFilipino 2016 Short film competition

3 stars