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By Heinrich Domingo

For anyone who has seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, this film might be too familiar. Two ex-lovers visit a medical center in their aim to lose their love for each other. They are put under series of medications and tests. While the process is effective for those who hate their partners, people who continue to love and fight for the relationship feel otherwise. This film looks into how “hate is not the opposite of love” and how forgetting seems to be an unachievable feat.


Indifference experiments on its cinematography as it uses a low-quality camera with fish lens. Its camera limitation distorts the images on screen. But, do not mistake it for Anino Sa Likod ng Buwan’s grainy picture.  This film screams of being amateurish from its photography to its plot.

Acting of the cast did not help either. Actors and actresses seem to be misplaced in an awkward environment and are left with no choice but to act in front of the camera. Their difficulty may come from the ridiculous story. Checking for an erection or examining whether a woman is horny or not are big challenges to portray in cinema. The film has too many pitfalls to deliver its intended message. Its bold experiments have turned off the crowd.

Directed by: Alfonso Silva
College of Saint Benilde

1.5 stars